23 October 2012

You know you are in Charleston when....

Blenheim Ginger Ale, Piggly Wiggly, Charleston, S.C.
Piggly Wiggly is the only place I can be guaranteed to find Blenheim Ginger Ale and if I'm not on foot I pick up a six pack. I went by their bottling plant in Hamer, S.C. years ago and by the look of their website they have upscaled their operation a bit since I was there. They even have an up to date blog now but the place I like to go for Blenheim info is the ever loyal Blenheim Shrine site:
Blenheim ginger ale has attained legendary status, partly because it is hard to find, and partly because of its spicy kick that nearly causes out-of-body experiences. Oh sure, they have a 'not as hot' level, but my friends, if you aren't used to anything spicy, even Blenny's '#5' could make your head feel like it's in a toaster oven! The "OLD #3 HOT" is a hot ginger ale that's NOT for the weak of heart. Then again, it might jump start a heart or two. (Note: It helps not to breathe in before you get it in your mouth.)
There are three different heat levels with the red cap being the spiciest Old #3.  I think you should try it. Here are some descriptions:
  • "...the hot gingerale will knock your socks off!"
  • "The resultant rush of ginger into the nasal membranes is intense."
  • "It was the most intense sneeze I've ever had. I thought my brains shot out of my nose."
  • "...sort of like drinking extremely tasty sandpaper"
  • "Like a slap in the face from a spurned lover"
  • "...has to be the hottest drink on the planet"
  • "...when they say hot, they mean it"
  • "I can’t drink it straight. I don’t know anyone who can"
  • "...on your first swig your head flew back"
  • "...don't get any up your nose, or else"
  • "The #3 Hot Ginger Ale does bite back, yes sir"
  • "Considering the heat of the normal, the hot must be hotter than the hinges of hell."
  • "...so hot and spicy that you will gag, choke and cough at first, but wow it is tasty"
  • "...a whiff would revive a person midfaint"
  • "Wowee-wow-wow was this stuff intense!"