29 August 2012

Seashells by the Seashore

Seashells by the Seashore, Charleston, S.C.
I didn't take this tonight but I could have. After a lovely bright day it is raining again. It's been a full day, Farmer's Market at work, used book sale for the American Heart Association, Ice Cream social.

I see that my hit ticker rolled over the 500,000 mark so yipee! This is the reincarnation of my original blog "Walk this Way" that crashed on a site called Journalspace in late 2007. What a blow that was. Hundreds of bloggers lost years of writing and photos. Another gal had started the Charleston Daily Photo, left town and was happy to turn it over to me shortly after that.

It's been a good ride and I'm not finished taking pictures of everything in Charleston yet. Thanks for keeping me coming back! I appreciate all the comments (10,185 of them!) and behind the scenes emails.


  1. I like the raindrops on the window. Nice to be inside in a wet day like this.

  2. Anonymous12:01 AM

    As I sit here reading this I hear the rain coming down. Signing off after my usual 'night cap' of checking in with joan. Keep on keeping on sweet lady!
    The jabber jaws of Roper '02!

  3. I check daily to read what your write. I am never disappointed.

  4. Great picture. But hope you don't get hit by Isaac.

  5. I remember your blog "Walk this Way." It was the first blog I ever read. After it crashed, I was glad to find you again, though it took me some detective work.

    1. Thanks Pixel.That was an odd time. I am glad you tracked me down!


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