30 August 2012

Avondale Trash Monster

Avondale Mural, Charleston, S.C.
I imagine that these folks don't have to take their trash out. Somebody looks like he eats it all up and licks his lips. Trash monster!

I came home to an almost finished ceiling in my study so it's worth dusting and mopping another room to live in again. One more bedroom to go. This feels like it has taken forever. I put off coming home long enough that I stopped by Sesame at Citadel Mall for the only thing I have ever eaten at Sesame - roasted corn on the cob and the ultimate grilled cheese. So good.

If you are a mural fan here is an event tomorrow evening that might be of interest: Pop Up Show - Gadsden Funeral Home

Here is an update on another one of the Avondale murals: