28 August 2012

Holy rain storms, kids!

Holy rain storm, kids! I was happy to be safely confined at work with no off-campus meetings today. Some parts of town had 4 - 5 inches in as many hours. There were so many great flooding pictures online today but this was one of the best - kayakers paddling through the Market buildings. It was credited to Jonah Jeter from the Becket Agency.

Then, someone went one better and came up with this priceless version of the kayakers now in sweetgrass baskets.It is credited to Lucy's Red Sky Grill. I don't know who did it but I thank them!

When I lived downtown I was the one who had the best street flooding shots but I can't say I didn't enjoy not having to drive in the mess. I sat smugly imagining sailing home smoothly. What I didn't expect was to find my freshly painted little shed soaking in about six inches of muddy water. The trash can was on it's side and the propane tank floating by the grill. Yuck. No fun. I haven't gone inside the shed yet. That mess can wait until tomorrow. Stay safe kids!

This is the drainage ditch/river behind my house.