27 August 2012

On the road - Sweatman's BBQ

Sweatman's BBQ, Holly Hill, S.C.
I've been escaping my house as much as possible while remodeling is going on. With one hardworking handyman who works full time the dusty job of redoing the ceilings has left me wanting to run for the hills as often as possible.

Saturday was a good day for a drive in the country and I had lunch at Sweatman's BBQ between Holly Hill and Eutawville. Walking in things immediately seemed a different and I remembered that the famous BBQ joint had changed hands at the end of last year. It was cleaned up a bit and there were a few additions to the buffet menu. They added macaroni and cheese and green beans. They served a couple of ribs but other than that it was still self serve buffet with a set price for one piled plate and another for all you can eat. Who needs more than a plateful? I had no complaints. A little cup of banana pudding is included and it is the only place in the world that I eat white trash bread with bright yellow squirt margarine. It's almost disgusting to type that.

Sweatman's BBQ is still a hit in my book. Apparently the new owners even have a listed phone number and now accept credit cards. 


Unknown said...

I LOVE Sweatman's. And your description of the bread is priceless!

Charlestonjoan said...

Ha! The only other time I eat white bread like that is for leftover turkey at Thanksgiving. It feels like the right thing to do. Yum.

Kate said...

Love the porch and the ferns! I just bought a fern that looks like one of the. The restaurant has an unusual name, don't you think? One question that begs to be answered: what is with this macaroni and cheese dish? There is to way that I could be enticed to order it, and I noted when we were in Charleston last spring that it's served all over. No way that it can ge gentrified in my book...mac and cheese is just mac and cheese!!

Charlestonjoan said...

Kate - we even have an annual Mac & Cheese cook off that sells out. I love Mac & Cheese. I try to only make it for company or I'd eat the entire casserole.

Marcheline said...

Dude, I could SO dive into that plate face first right now, and never come up for air! OMG... SWEEEEET TEEEEEEA! That's what I get for only eating a bowl of popcorn with a side of absinthe today.