06 August 2012

Boneyard Bike

Boneyard Bike, Jlinsnider Window, King St., Charleston, S.C.

I had to take a picture of this bike decorated with little bones and flowers in the window of Jlinsnider on King St.  I featured it once before here.

Comments about a recent entry on a Home for Funerals led me to google around to find out how they came to be called that rather than Funeral Home. I didn't find that answer but I did come across a collection of the Worse Funeral Home Names Ever.  They are probably nice folks but I can't picture sending a loved one to the Butcher Funeral Home. Yikes!

I put some pictures on Facebook and some here. I may have missed sharing my new swing! I just got back from an evening walk and spent a few minutes swinging in the dark. Nice. I may not have had the latest and greatest toys growing up, but my father always made sure we had the best swings in the neighborhood. Now I do again.

I had to stop in my tracks to see what on earth this was. What, what? A dried dead fish on a rope in the street.

Now for a prettier shot. I was out in the meditation garden at work the other day and came across these two gentlemen playing beautiful music. How fortunate am I to work in a place like this?

Home late this evening because I was directing a music video for work. Ha! I ain't never been a video director before. Thanks to all of my singers and actors! I had a patient in a bed, a singing doctor, back up singing nurse, a physician, housekeeper, a keyboard player and guitarist. Can't wait to see how it turns out.