05 August 2012

Rainy Weekend

Lake Marion, S.C.

I went to Lake Marion for the weekend to get out of the way while my handyman attacked my ceilings. It rained on the way up, rained on my bike ride last night, rained on my kayak ride this morning and rained on the way home. It was a nice warm rain and I lifted my face and laughed. When the weatherman mentioned thundershowers he got it right this time. I was glad to be home safely after passing two major accidents on wet roads.

I am so pleased to be able to get out on the water on my own steam. Years ago after my divorce I remember thinking, "damn, I won't be able to handle that heavy canoe on my own." So many things are designed for a couple or one strong man but too heavy for an average woman alone to manage. So, yippee for lightweight kayaks! I have a little set of wheels to strap around it and I can tug it easily to the water. Color me happy.  As nice as it is to have friends to do things with it is even better to have the option of doing it myself on a whim.