26 June 2012

Swingin' down the lane

Longitude Lane, Charleston, S.C.
Everybody's hand in hand
Swingin' down the lane
Everybody's feelin' grand
Swingin' down the lane

That's the time I miss the bliss
That we might have known
Nights like this
When I'm all alone

When the moon is on the rise
Baby I'm so blue
Watchin' lovers makin' eyes
Like we used to do

When the moon is on the way
Still I'm waitin' all in vain
Should be swingin' down the lane
With you

Frank Sinatra

Charleston does have the sweetest lanes and alleyways. I never get tired of wandering down them.

I am up late working on a work slide show set to music. These things always take longer than anyone imagines don't they? I think I worked it all out finally.

Check out this lovely article Ken Burger wrote about one of my gentlemen volunteers Charlie Black. Thanks Ken! 

G'night kids. Turn the lights out.

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Holy City Sinner said...

That's the perfect Charleston picture right there!