25 June 2012

Rogue Elephant in Avondale

Avondale, Charleston, S.C.
I am clearly on a mural kick again. This giant rogue elephant is charging a parking lot in Avondale. I grew up listening to stories of rogue elephants terrorizing villages and being hunted down. It was a frightening thrill to imagine. I think I can take this one down but I'll wait until I look him in the eyeballs. It wouldn't be fair to attack a blind elephant.

Interested in the restaurant scene in Charleston? Bookmark the Eater Charleston blog. Makes me hungry just reading it.

This is just beautifully awful: Creepy Taxidermy Art. Too bad it is so expensive.

In fun news, one of my volunteer gentlemen fell in love with the co-worker in my office suite. How fun is that?! I threw a ice cream social for them today before they sneak off to get married and run away on a vacation/slash honeymoon in Ireland. Congratulations Dianna and Bobby! I wish you many years of happiness.