28 April 2012

Adventures in Moving

Lake Marion, S.C.
Lordy, kids, moving day lasts at least a week, doesn't it? I remember last time I did it, swearing that I would be buried in the back yard because I never planned to do it again.

Two Guys & A Truck gave me a moving time between 11 am and 4 pm yesterday and around 4 pm started a phone tag adventure giving them directions. They finally arrived around 4:30 but the more serious problem is that it had sunk in that morning that there was no way my beloved roll top computer desk was going to fit in my new little nest. It might get in the front door if we took it apart but there was no way it was going down the narrow hall into what is to be my new office. Help!

My internet has been disconnected so I had frantically been calling around to consignment stores hoping someone would agree to let my movers pack it up and drop it off on the way. Naturally we had to load it last and everything was going to close up on Friday evening. By the skin of our teeth we left town at 5:45 pm and pulled up at Consign Charleston on Wappoo Rd and dropped off a giant rolltop desk and mirrored entertainment center just before they shut their doors. Whew. My moving guys were great and tipped accordingly. If the shop hadn't stayed open the furniture would be sitting in my driveway right now. The desk is so heavy I couldn't lift it an inch to get the modem cord from underneath it.

So - if anyone is in the market for a real nice, wooden computer desk that can hide a house full of clutter when company comes, it is at Consign Charleston waiting for you. I was in and out in five minutes so I have no idea what price they put on it.

I was so tired last night I slept like a baby.  This house has been a rental for years so every little things needs to be fixed but I am here! Blogging is more trouble than it is worth so I won't be online much until knology gets me hooked up next Thursday. I can handle facebook but not this. The peaceful photo is from last weekend at Lake Marion. Sweet!