07 March 2012

How does your garden grow?

Garden, Mary & Alexander St., Charleston, S.C.
Oh, I am sleepy. I need to get myself to bed early for a change. 
This evening's picture is a colorful scene in front of the community garden at Mary & America St.  It wasn't active yet but I caught these yellow flowers in front of the wall mural. 
I had a good mini blogger meet up with Notoriously Nice Mike at The Grocery and we talked about everyone in town. Yes, you and you and you! It was fun catching up while eating delicious food. It's been a long time since we were almost the only bloggers in town.G'night kids. No John Stewart for me this evening. 


  1. "How does your garden grow"? The last 2 times I tried, one year it was under water, and one year it burned to a crisp. And wouldn't you know it, I didn't have crop insurance. Something tells me those gardeners are going to have much more of a green thumb. :)


    1. I've never really had a garden either. My mother loved gardening, veggies as well as flowers. She had a map to the canned goods in her basement.

  2. Ah, the matriarch and patriarch, the royal couple. I still smile when I reflect on reading both of your blogs a handful of years back when living in the Lowcountry was just an obscure dream and I was using the blog media to get a feel for the area. Thanks to both of you for helping to push us along. It's my 7 night "off" string Joan, not living like a vampire this week.

    1. That is right! At that time I was "Walk this Way" and Mike was/is "Notoriously Nice Mike".

      Enjoy your days off!


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