06 March 2012

Noodle Night

Tuesdays are Ramen Noodle Nights at Two Boroughs Larder just around the corner from me. Here is the noodly scoop from their web site: 

Ramen is a traditional Japanese staple and is more than just a bowl of noodles. There are four basic elements to every bowl - the broth, the tare (salty soy reduction at the bottom), the noodles and toppings (suddenly that spice packet included with the pre-packaged noodles seems much less appetizing).  In Japan most major cities actually boast their own signature ramen dish. Noodles can range from thin and curly to thick and straight. Toppings include (but are not limited to) bamboo shoots, shredded pork, fishcakes, chilis, eggs and spinach.
Every Tuesday night, starting around 5pm and in addition to the full menu, TBL is planning to hook up your ramen.  Pork. Chicken. Vegetarian.  Your choice!
I tried the spicy pork broth, mushrooms, poached egg and Kimchi. They are going to do Noodle Night every Tuesday. Yum, yum and the company was even better.  Happy birthday to my buddy Dr. G. pictured with Ms. Two Boroughs Larder, Heather Keenan.  Here is the Charleston City Paper review.