08 September 2011

Fountains & Blogging Awards

Fountain, Charleston, S.C.

I am collecting fountains. We'll do a location quiz later. Study up!

Blogging awards. Sigh. What do we think about them? I've won 'em, I liked 'em, but I don't care to get involved with anything that smacks of asking people to participate in a voting frenzy anymore. Luckily this group doesn't have a photo blogging category and I don't mind asking people to vote for YOU!

I received an email yesterday inviting me to vote on a Carolina Blogger Award. Huh? It was the first I've heard of the group. I'm not sure if their blogroll is actually a blogroll or if it is a listing of attendees who have rsvp'd to a blogging luncheon in October but it appears to be primarily a Columbia group with a sprinkling of other areas and ONE from Charleston. It doesn't look like much of a representation of North & South Carolina Bloggers as billed.

So, here is your chance to get included, kids. If you are a blogger, care about awards or want to nominate a blogger this is the nomination link. You do have to have at least a url to vote and you only have until Monday, 9/12. There are a few categories including fashion, political, mommy blog etc. and they require nominations in three categories to count.

If you want to see the lowcountry represented by this group, I have a pretty good directory of lowcountry bloggers on my sidebar for you to explore. Go forth and vote if you are inclined.


Laura said...

I know this fountain! Location quiz? That I can win... (fountains are my "thing") Blogger Award, Prob not!

Charlestonjoan said...

Drat - I'll have to make it harder then! :)

Bloggy awards - I figure we can at least make sure there is a lowcountry contingent represented. I'll vote. We have some good blogs here.

fragilewisdom said...

I have seen this fountain before in a photo. I don't know it's exact location.

Kate said...

I think that awards take the fun out of photo blogging...gets too competitive. Sort of, kinda like the high school popularity contests.

Charlestonjoan said...

fragilewisdom - this is the one on Charlotte/Judith/Elizabeth Sts. The girls neighborhood!

Kate - unless you win then yourself of course. Then it is all fun and well deserved ;). I just hate the business of asking people to vote and pretty much decided I won't do that again. Cringe.

Paul at Leeds DP said...

Lovely fountain.

I do not mind voting for other people but I would never enter or be involved myself.