27 June 2011

Monday Hodge Podge

Dell's Deli, Cannon St., Charleston, S.C.

Dell's Deli makes a colorful scene on Cannon St. I walked too late for photos this evening but stocked up on my weekend marches.

We have Monday whipped, kids, and a long weekend to look forward to. Friday of course is Canada Day (y'all knew that, right?) and Monday, July 4th so I am recommending a four day weekend. If any other countries would like to toss in a bonus celebration I'll be happy to consider the offer and make a package deal.

An Evening with Stephen Colbert is on Friday night at Gaillard Auditorium. Can't wait!

In Their Eyes: Joshua Curry from the Charleston City Paper is heading to Haiti to teach what he does best - teach photojournalism, to street kids. More info here. I can't wait to see what he comes back with. He is accepting donations.

Woohoo...Caviar & Bananas is one of the shops open in the renovated Market Building. How can they open on a day when I am at work? The paper said it closed at 6 p.m. so I knew I wouldn't make it but their web site says 7 p.m. Maybe I could make it down there for coffee and dessert one of these nights. Have you tried their Duck Confit sandwich? Yummers. They are my new picnic packing pick up spot.

Local blogger and writer Andra Watkins has written a book and has it ready for publication. If you are on Facebook, click "like" on Andra's page and support her efforts. Go Andra!

A friend came by to visit me at work today after years in Iraq. He brought an album of the most incredible and frightening pictures and I kept staring at him and thinking, YOU, you are alive and safe. Thank God.

Time to settle in for the night. Y'all turn the lights out. Don't stay up too late.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of new books, there's a new book by Jeff Dodge, who obviously has been stalking your photo steps, titled "Photographing Charleston, Savannah and the Coastal Islands". The cool part is he has gps locations for where to take the shots he shows in the book! (cool at least for those who have and can work gps-thingees, said the cheap old fuddy duddy)
The anonymous librarian

Lowandslow said...

They close at 6? That's too early. You want me to talk to 'em? I will give them style points for their paint job, though. :)


Charlestonjoan said...

Librarian - I flipped through the book on Amazon. It looks great. You are right, neat idea showing people exactly where they shot was taken. I love my gps thingie.

lowandslow - Dell's is open later. It's the new market shops that close at 6 pm so I won't be able to get to them until the weekend. Sounds like you had a good time in Aspen!