02 May 2011

Events of the day

Marion Square, Charleston, S.C.

When I was a kid and people discovered I was from a family of ten and one of eight siblings, they couldn't resist eagerly suggesting that we could play volleyball. Oh yippee. I couldn't care less about volleyball but these folks looked like they were having a lovely time yesterday morning when I walked through Marion Square.

I stayed up late watching the news last night and tried to stay up to speed all day by slowing my pace as I passed through hospital waiting rooms to catch a glimpse at CNN. I've shared almost every major world news event with random strangers in hospital ward waiting rooms and today was no exception.

I ended my afternoon by hugging a lady in the Women's Services waiting area who was proudly wearing her President Obama t-shirt as she waiting for the birth of her grand niece - a grand niece who will read about Osama Bin Laden and today's events in her history books many years from now.