04 May 2011

Bottle Brush?

Charleston, S.C.

Bottle brush plant? Is that what it is called? Tremendously cool.

I had dinner with the ladies last night but it wasn't a typical snack and gossip. It was one of the most fascinating groups of women I've ever shared a lemon chicken (yummy!) dinner with. The gathering included one well traveled navy wife, four women who had been in the foreign service, one in the British Foreign Service, myself and another lowcountry lady.

Wow. The conversation bounced from political uprisings, accidents in foreign countries to kidnappings and encounters with famous people in exotic locations. When one mentioned a country - Senegal, Qatar, France, Pakistan, China - I listened as the rest of them back tracked years to figure out if they might have crossed paths. These gals have seen it, been there and done it and I was delighted to be included.