25 February 2011

Cruze-arati Mike at the Lowcountry Oyster Roast

Nicole from Big Fuel, sent me the link to Mike from the Cruze-arati for Chevrolet link at the Lowcountry Oyster Fest oyster eating contest at Boone Hall. It looks like he cruises the country in a Chevrolet and participates in local activities. I have never gone to the Oyster Fest and didn't really know how an oyster eating contest was run. Yikes. They slurp down raw oysters from a cup. Uuuugh. Don't believe I could have any part of that.

Part 1 of the series from the Oyster Roast is here. Jamie Westendorf even has a starring role in this one.


  1. I met Mike at Travel Blog Exchange in June. He's a funny guy, not to mention a good writer for Gadling and a stand up comedian.

  2. Mussels freshly steamed and then doused in a sauce made from two sweated leeks in a half cup of fruity white wine, thinly sliced; 4 carrots, julienned; with 250gm butter and 500ml cream and cooked until thickened slightly... Yes - those I can consume, or prawns, freshly boiled in sea water, unadorned, BUT I have never quite been able to tolerate or consider oysters, personally.

  3. carolineinthecity - I can't believe all the adventures you are having! Keep it up!

    maggsworld - you are going to have to come to Charleston some day. You are getting quite familiar with it!

  4. Joan - I am a confirmed lover of raw oysters and clams. However. They are delicacies - to be sampled individually, with a splash of lemon juice and perhaps a dash of horseradish sauce, accompanied by a glass of white wine or an ice cold beer.

    The thought of so disgracing any oyster, by crowding it in a container with multiple others, then slamming it down without regard to its fragile flavor, the subtlety of its liquor, its tender flesh, makes me sad indeed. Not to mention a little queasy.

  5. Marcheline - I agree. That was hard to watch let alone a waste of oysters.


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