25 February 2011

Before& After - East Bay St.

East Bay St., Charleston, S.C.

Another one of my favorite old ruins renovated without my permission. These folks did a lovely job so I can't hold it against them. ;)

I've been here, I've been there, I've been everywhere this week. I held my annual "gathering of the clans" training meetings for hospital volunteers. Just FYI, my volunteers at Roper St. Francis Healthcare did over 88,000 hours of service in 2010. Pretty impressive group of people. They don't like to come to meetings though, so I stoop to bribing them by promising desserts and door prizes. Heheh.

I don't like going to meetings myself but spent all day in Columbia doing just that. I sat there squirming knowing I should have offered to serve as President or sumthin' this year but whenever someone mentions the word "bylaws" I lapse into a coma and my eyes roll back in my head. I consider that a handicap. I try to pull my weight by taking all their photos. I think I deserve dessert and a door prize myself.

It's the weekend kids!