25 February 2011

You might be a Faith Blogger if......

Anson St., Charleston, S.C.

Faith bloggers seem to be one of the fastest growing group of bloggers. I've posted this before but I still get a kick out of this list of clues that you might be a Faith Blogger.

You might be a faith blogger if…

* if you sit in the back row of the church because that's where the wifi signal is the strongest
* if your sermons allow both comments and trackbacks
* if you tithe through a widget
* if you think committing the original sin is getting tempted by the latest Apple
* if you pray that God will allow you to upload your photo to the Lamb’s Book of Life
* if your prayers are less than 140 characters because that's all Twitter allows
* if you ever wonder why the domain of Satan doesn’t have its own URL
* if you think Jesus’ command to Peter to “Feed my sheep” was to allow RSS syndication
* if you think streams in the desert is a blog from Las Vegas

. . . then you just might be a faith-blogger!