04 December 2010

Making magic out of scraps of wood

Charleston Farmer's Market, Charleston, S.C.

It's a good day simply not having to set an alarm clock. I always wake up before the alarm goes off but love, love, love not having to leap out of my warm nest.

The Farmer's Market is still in full swing and when I walked through this morning Ashley Harwood was turning the tiniest little pieces of wood on a lathe and making delicate ornaments with sea urchins. I asked how many she broke and she looked as if I had asked an odd question. Heck, I'd be snapping them off left and right and using them for fancy toothpicks. I guess that is why I am not a wood artist and she is.

They are beautiful aren't they? She makes bowls and other artwork as well and was recently featured in the Post & Courier.

Go visit at: turningnative.com