08 October 2010

De Vine House

Coming & Duncan St., Charleston, S.C.

This is a quick update on the house that gets eaten by the vines each year. I follow the progress until the owner has to cut a clearing to see out his windows.

I am in technology hell. Now my modem is on the blink (or rather, not blinking!). As with every contact with Comcast I am ready to shoot myself by the time I get someone on the line who is ready to get my contact information for the third time. At least they were willing to do a service call on a Saturday so here is hoping I will get a new modem by tomorrow night. Grrrrrr.

Meanwhile, y'all behave! There is a lot going on this weekend. I'll be at the Symphony rescucitation concert tonight and actually get to see the Beach Boys up close and personal on Sunday at the opening of the new Mt. Pleasant Hospital. Say hello if you see me!