27 March 2010

John C. Calhoun

Marion Square, Charleston, S.C.

Photography is about trying to see things from a different angle, right? No one could figure out what I was trying to take a picture of this morning when I spotted John C. Calhoun top of a giant lemon. Then he turned around and rode the Chick Fil A Cow.

I even have a snow dusted cloak shot.

From the back, John C. Calhoun always looks like he is flashing the city to me as he stands on top of his pedestal in Marion Square.


  1. Haha! I love these! I have a friend that is convinced that Calhoun is actually Elvis. She refuses to think otherwise! Love the whimsical touch!

  2. Very good! I can't imagine a statue honoring J.C. Calhoun, though!

  3. Jacob - Good point. Not Mr. Warm & Fuzzy. I believe they had to raise the statue pedestal that high to prevent people from showing what they felt about him by desecrating the statue.

  4. These are great! Made me laugh.

  5. And if you stand right where he appears to be looking, you're right at the door of a club (I forget the name...I've been gone for too long). I think he likes watching the CofC ladies go clubbin....

    Dirty old man!

  6. Mean old man. Not the nicest fellow. Are you thinking of the Trio Club?


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