27 March 2010

Cooper River Bridge Run - 2010

King St., Charleston, S.C.

The rest of the state must be awfully quiet today. I believe every single person is here in Charleston and ran across the Cooper River this morning. Last I heard there were 40,000 registered to walk/run. Look at the long strides on these lead runner. Amazing! Congratulations to all the participants!


  1. I looked for you as I came down King St but didn't see you. Of course, I was probably 90 minutes behind the winners and you were probably having brunch by then. lol

  2. I didn't walk. I walked around. Tried to spot a few folks I knew were walking. It was almost impossible. They have chain link around the whole finish line higher than cameras can reach. That is too bad.

  3. Wow! Look at that photo of "batman"... I hope that guy behind him didn't run with those circa 1972 headphones!

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