27 March 2010

Brick yurts

Columbia, S.C.

I spotted these beautiful old brick structures just this side of Columbia, S.C. Aren't they great? Sadly they look too far gone to be repaired but they look like they would make perfect brick yurt homes.

Edit: Thanks to kind comments left below, pointing me in the right direction, here is a web site with information on the structures which are kilns for the Guignard Brickyard.


  1. I lived in the apartments just outside these brick kilns about 10 years ago.

    The kilns, which are about 100 years old, are all that's left of the old Guignard brickyard. The Guignard family started the nation's first brickyard and its bricks were used to build Columbia's streets and many of its early buildings. It was finally closed in the mid-1970s.

    Thanks for posting these photos.

  2. Thanks Cotton Boll. I'd heard the name Guignard but didn't know how to spell it to do a search. That helps. I really like these.

  3. Joan, you really do get around, don't you? Love this picture and I need to go there!

  4. Joan
    Here is a link to a small website I created for the Guignard Brickworks several years ago.

  5. Joe - add the link, if you would, or email to me. Email is under the profile on the right.

  6. These are wonderful old structures. Too bad they are in such a bad condition. They made for beautiful pictures.

  7. OH shoot, forgot that part: http://bartoliniville.us/scrr/content/indust/brick/gbw/index.html

  8. Gorgeous! I'd love to see these in person. :)


  9. Very nice. We have one of these kiln (although not as large) from Bickerstaff Brickworks in Heritage Park in Columbus, GA.

  10. Bummer, wish I had known you were coming to Columbia. I travel near there often.

  11. Joan,

    I'll bet that I am the only one of your readers that has actually BUILT and USED a full-sized, actual yurt.


    - M

  12. bfarr - I love old brick.

    Beach Bum - it was a spur of the moment "beautiful day for a drive in the country thing". One of these days we will connect in Charleston.

    Marcheline - I am not surprised....you are so incredibly cool!

    Sunshine - I bet you will!


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