19 March 2010

Before & After - South Battery

50 South Battery, Charleston, S.C.

We rented the little kitchen house behind this beautiful home the first year I lived in Charleston and my kids played at White Point Gardens every day. The elderly lady who owned the house had lovely plants on that glassed-in porch and her granddaughter was delighted to have kids on the property to play with when she visited. It has been spruced up and is subdivided into expensive condos now.

Funny, I just noticed that even the palm tree has been groomed. I may not have paid as much to live there as folks do today but the little monkeys making faces at the photographer added incredible value to the property in my opinion. ;)


  1. I had a little place in Seattle. Two story shotgun house. Two flats below, and I had the top floor. The porch along the front had been enclosed and that gave me a living room 24 feet long with huge plate glass windows, and a panoramic view of downtown Seattle. There was a side yard the downstairs tenants didn't give two slaps about, so I spent two years restoring some fine garden stock blackberries had overrun. A decade after I moved out I was in the neighborhood and stopped by. The house was all nailed up, having burning in a fire, and the garden the blackberries had taken back over. I found my old flower boxes underneath them in the brick terrace I'd restored. Gardeners are God's fools- they have to be the most optimistic people in earth to think their work will last.

  2. I love the before and after shots, I study the photos to find the things that have changed. This is a fine looking place and I love that 'fast back' car out front and the children making funny for the camera. Good stuff.

  3. What an amazing home, you were so lucky to enjoy some time there and I'm sure the kids LOVED it.

    I just stumbled on your blog while checking out Charleston, the hubby and I are heading there tomorrow and would LOVE any of your recommendations of must see's ie: stores, streets,restaurants....it's a quick 2 day visit but we're hoping to do some walk abouts to check out this stunning town.

    You have a lovely blog,
    enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    Janis (a fellow Canadian)

  4. Waldo - I am picturing that view. I bet it was heartbreakind to see the place destroyed.

    Jarart - I wondered if anyone would mention the car - it was a Barracuda.

    Janis - It was a lovely day! I think Spring is finally here. Everything is ready to pop into bloom. You will have a great time in Charleston. Truthfully, if you are just here for two days, walking downtown, perhaps getting to the beach will be plenty. It is such a glorious place to explore on foot. Enjoy!

  5. Always great to see Before and After photos.

  6. love the comparison - definately the kids and that cool car is the money shot!


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