20 March 2010

Walk for Water - Charleston, 2010

Walk for Water - 2010, Charleston, S.C.

If you've dropped by here more than a few times you know that I am a strong supporter of Water Missions International. I love, love, love the practical solution they came up with to purify water. Last year the health system I work for raised funds to build a water purification system for a little hospital in Kenya and I was lucky enough to go to document the trip.

Production at the WMI warehouse kicked into high gear after the earthquake in Haiti. We raised funds and sent over lunch for the hands-on volunteers. Today was their annual fund raising walk and I went by to show my support.

The Rehab Dept. at Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital rallied almost all of their department for the cause and called their team the "St. Francis River Rats". I was tickled that we were invited to carry the flag for Kenya because of our continuing involvement there.

The three mile walk was led by founders Molly and George Greene (our heroes wearing blue above) and their family, started at Canon Park, marched down to the Battery, circled White Point Gardens and back. Along the way walkers were encouraged to fill their bucket with water to get an idea of how most of the world gets their water.

Thanks to Caroline Nuttall from Charlie and Micky Bakst from Charleston Grill (bottom photo, left) who coordinated a large team of supporters and fundraisers. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful thing to be part of. More photos here.