10 November 2009

Lowcountry Windmill

Windmill at Riverland Terrace, Charleston, S.C.

The windmill at the end of Plymouth Rd. in Riverland Terrace finds it's home in the Quirky, SC file. I spent my free afternoon seeing Coco, Before Chanel at the Terrace Theater and then walked down to the water. I never tire of revisiting these sweet spots.

Charleston Magazine features fourteen Unique, Buzz-Worthy, Intriguing personalities and invites you to chose the fifteenth. Do you know an intriguing local personality? Submit their name here.

Back to work in the morning. My ninety six year old volunteer called to check on me. He said he'd worked with me for ten years and couldn't recall me taking a sick day before. I keep explaining that I'm not really sick but we are discouraged from coughing and sneezing all over a hospital these days. Achoo!