11 November 2009

Wednesday Hodge Podge

J & W Grocery Store, Pitt St., Charleston, S.C.

We still have a few nice neighborhood grocery stores in Charleston.

How am I to bring you pictures if I go to work before the sun comes up and come home long after dark? Hmmmmph. Long rainy day. I ended it at the new Hampton Inn by Costco, where the American Heart Association was holding their final recognition event. I did take pictures there of course.

It's been a successful year for my pet cause. The funny moment was when Dr. Sock Monkey got an award certificate for fund raising since I entered him as a participant. He'll get to pick out a little sumthin', sumthin' for his efforts.

Meanwhile a couple of links to entertain you and I am off to get a hot cuppa tea.

Hilarious & Crazy Signage.

South Carolina Nature Journaling

See through, light transmitting concrete. Tell me that isn't cool.

Thinking of Cremation?