01 September 2009

On the road - Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Delta delivered me and my bag safely in Portland, Oregon where I was met at the airport by my daughter and her boyfriend. It's always a sweet thing, isn't it, to have someone waiting for you?

After freshening up we headed out for an ethnic treat I can't get in Charleston and enjoyed Ethiopian food. Yum, yum. Tasty bits of stews and veggie mashes are served on a giant spongy pancake that is torn to scoop up the mixtures so you share a large platter and dive in with your fingers trying not to appear too greedy.

My gal shares a nice little arts and craft style cottage with two friends and they have completely painted the inside themselves. Their landlady must be delighted at the improvements they've made.

Yesterday we wandered all day through streets filled with non-chain shops, boutiques, book stores, parks and coffee shops. She apologized for it being overcast but I don't leave the lowcountry seeking sunshine. When I leave Charleston I am desperate for cool crisp air, hills and preferably a waterfall or two. I believe I will hit the jackpot here.

Checking out the sidewalks for graffiti I see lots of it - in chalk! Some is even in dribbles of paint that will eventually wear off so no permanent harm done. Other impressions, houses are adorable and manageably sized where I am but the grass is dead and brown from the dry summer, bikes are everywhere and bike parking corals are popular and popping up everywhere, people here bus their own tables and restaurants have a tap for folks to refill their own water.

Telephone poles have so many layers of signs and event posters tacked to them that they are bulging and fat. Hungry for take out? I passed a waffle window where you could walk up and order your waffles to go.

We are heading out on a road trip this morning, down the coast towards the redwoods. It's lovely to be on an adventure and seeing new sites. Y'all take care and behave while I am gone.