18 September 2009

Mr. Man in Red 2009

Jeff Poland, Man in Red, Charleston, S.C.

Busy days kids, but can't say they are boring!

Today was the grand finale of our Men in Red fundraising prank and it couldn't have gone more successfully. This is a play on the Red Dress being the national symbol for heart disease awareness. In our hospital the gentleman we raise the most money for has to wear a red dress through the hospital and have lunch in the cafeteria.

Woohoo! The women's services team had asked Jeff Poland from Robin's & Morton Construction to represent them. They raised over $2,500 in his name with bake and book sales. I almost died laughing when they did his promo pictures with all the nurses wearing construction helmets while he squeezed into his Goodwill evening gown.

This morning he paraded through the hospital passing out chocolate kisses, posing with the nurses and serving up cake to the staff. it was absolutely hilarious. What a great sport. He didn't know that his boss was going to show up to escort him.

Altogether we raised just over $17,000.00 for the American Heart Association just with this fun prank. Thanks Jeff!