17 September 2009

Thursday Hodgepodge

Bird on a Wire....

We are long overdue for a hodge podge entry and it's been a hodge podgy week.

For my local bloggy friend Heather.

Click to watch what happens if you don't spay your kitty. They are breeding!

This tree trunk in Georgetown, SC looks like something, I'm just not quite sure what.

My Men in Red prank has raised over $17,000 for the American Heart Association. Wowza! We announced the winners (losers?) Tuesday afternoon and tomorrow the winning gentlemen have to put on the Red Dress and serve cake after making guest appearances throughout the hospital. This dainty character is the winner for the hospital I am based at and this southern belle is the winning contestant at our sister facility in town. Can't say these fellas aren't good sports for a good cause.

I admit, I took the bird photo on my travels but it might fly here.

Project Runway has two Charleston designers competing so had to take a pause. Off to bed kids. Y'all turn the lights out.