29 September 2009

Before & After - Folly Beach

Folly Beach, S.C.

Oh, break my heart. Is it really our character beach if it has come to this? Will it be one long string of condos along the beach next time I go? Sadness.

The "compound" used to have a canon, partially built fountain, a toilet seat seat on the deck.

Someone reading this knows more about the place than I do. Do tell.....


  1. When I first moved to Charleston in the mid-80's, I rented an ocean view for $300/mo. at Folly. One of the things that drew me was the funky handmade aura of the place. I hope some of that can remain.

  2. Oh No!! SO sad to see that. That was always one of my favorite, funky things on Folly too. I hardly recognize Folly anymore when I do get a chance to go out there--sad times, indeed!

  3. Rajasthan....it is :(

    Les - Not much for $300 anymore. A day maybe.

    Halcyon - The big change was after Hugo when repair money poured in.

    Ma' - Too bad, eh? It's still cool out there though.


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