28 September 2009

Sheepman Graffiti Panels

Sheepman Graffiti panels, Folly Rd., James Island, S.C.

When I was out at Folly Beach this weekend I grabbed the chance to check on the Sheepman graffiti panels behind the Buffalo South plaza.

It's been a while since I'd been out there and I worried that they might have been defaced. I was pleased to see that not only were they intact but there seemed to be new art work in progress. I had not seen the tiger image before. Coolness!


  1. Some really beautiful Wall paintings !! The first one is especially great..Unseen Rajasthan

  2. These are great, Joan. Love them. You DO have a trove of wonderful wall murals.

    If you buy the little storefront building -you should - with the cross, forget the blue and just commission a bunch of local muralists to cover it in any theme you wish...paint tall columns and pretend it's St. Paul's Cathedral (in lieu of every Sunday) or make it look like your own Magnolia plantation without the upkeep. Then go about in a horse and carriage everyday and park it out front.


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