29 September 2009

Holy Hat Shop!

85 1/2 Spring St., Charleston, S.C.

I was posting this picture when I noticed the "Sale" sign along with the "Rent" sign. I had to take a commercial break and walk up to Spring St. to check it out. I might be in the market for a funky wee cinder block hat shop with a crucifix on it to live in happily ever after in my little old lady age.

No parking spot though. Forget that idea. Besides, I'd have to paint it blue and you would all have to wear hats when you came to visit.


  1. Hey! I keep thinking about you this week because I just finished reading South of Broad. It has me longing for Charleston. Hope you're well! --Jenny O.

  2. What a lovely idea--but as far as parking is concerned, I will simply park elsewhere and take one of those cabs in an earlier post to drop me off in front of your quaint little place wearing my brown Bowler derby hat.

  3. Jenny O, the man can spin a tale, can't he? I read it on my trip. It was my airplane treat.

    wildstorm - good idea! I was thinking it would be fun to own it but keep hats in the window anyway.

  4. Joan, A "tale" is the perfect description. He really is a story teller. Almost unbelieveable stories, even, but they sure are enjoyable to read!

  5. I want that Jesus Saves cross - and I think that would be a great cafe for the misbegotten...the slogan could be - walk your woes down to our cafe and have some tea to wash them away...although maybe we'd have to spike the tea.

  6. Susan - Sounds perfect! I wish it had parking and I'd really live in it. :)


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