28 August 2009

Travel Time

This Sucks, Charleston, S.C.

I am in Phoenix, Arizona staying at what should be one of the coolest hotels, the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Arizona Biltmore. It's my second night and I am waiting to be moved to my third room. Yawn.

On arrival I was given a key and map to find a room that turned out to be what felt like a quarter mile away, in 112 degree heat and smelled like a dirty baby diaper (the room, not me I hope!).

I tolerated it the first night passing other lost customers looking for their rooms on my walk back and forth. When a hotel representative type came by to check the status of my mini bar, I pulled him inside and asked if all the rooms smelled like mine. "Noooooooooooo....."

I felt pretty smug being moved into a room in the main building so I wouldn't have to hike around the compound each time I went to a meeting until I came back after the evening session to find my room warm and stuffy. The maintenance man came by after a while and recommended moving yet again. Aaaargh.

Good news is I finally got a room with a hot pot for tea. Maybe that is really why I had to keep room hopping.

In other news, my presentation went really well! Coolness. There are 400 or so health care Volunteer program managers here and quite a few topic choices for each time slot. I had no idea if my subject would be of any interest but my room was nicely filled and people seemed to have a good time. I've never presented at a national conference before so this felt pretty good.

Tea time kids. This time change is sending me early to bed.