24 July 2009


Philadelphia Alley, Charleston, SC

Nancy Meeks, who works in the Pharmacy at Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital, happened on this picture deep in my smugmug album. She left this in the comment section.


Who's that soul inside the doorway?
What's he doing there alone?
Is he sleeping. . .waiting. . .crying?
Or just chatting on the phone?

Was he hungry. . .thirsty. . .cold?
Wondering when the sun will shine?
Was he stranger, friend. . . or foe?
Was he hurting? . . . Doing fine?

Did you stop to ask the question,
"S'cuse, me, sir. Are you okay?"
Or did you simply press along?
So many ops. . .so fleeting day. . .

Nancy L. Meek ~ July 11, 2009