24 July 2009

Greetings from......

Bowman, S.C.

There was a time when I would take pictures of quirky roadside scenes, design a postcard at amazingmail, add a message and have it sent directly to friends. One of a kind postcards. This is the card from Bowman, SC. Heheh. The official UFO welcome center.

Try it. It will make you oddly happy.


  1. I see this place on my drive home to Atlanta. Have you ever gone inside?

  2. I feel as though I have seen this as well.

  3. Caroline - Sadly it is in bad shape now. It needs to be suggested as a Day of Caring rehab project :). Yes. I have been inside. His bedroom is up in the upper space ship. He plays the lottery on an ancient computer.

    wildstorm - It is right in the center of Bowman. You probably did see it.

  4. Oh, Joan! What a great idea to have your own cool postcards made. And what a treat for your friends to find in the mail. This is an interesting place. I would really like to see inside of it.

  5. That is pretty interesting, I came across this one this summer going through South Carolina...

    Probably my #2 favorite thing to see in South Carolina, other than South of The Border...

    A postcard seems like a neat idea...

  6. I love you keep up the good work namaste


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