24 July 2009

Picturing the Painting

Hampton Plantation by Katherine K. Schneider

Paint Charleston Daily and I tend to appreciate the same scenic lowcountry spots. When she posts a painting I can usually think back to a similar view that I have in one of my albums.

This is Hampton Plantation, a lovely spot up the coast between Charleston and Georgetown. It is the former home of South Carolina poet laureate, Archibald Rutledge, who lived here and gave it to the people of South Carolina. As with what seems like every other house in town, George Washington dropped by in 1791.


  1. How pretty! I love comparing your photo to the painting! And wow, George Washington sure did get around, didn't he?

  2. He did didn't he? And who kept the record of every house he slept in or ate lunch in. Amazing.

  3. Looks a really nice building with a bit of history Joan.

  4. I believe George kept a journal of his travels as POTUS. A copy exist somewhere online. You just gave me a great idea for a Google Map project. Good photograph. Great that the home has been well care for by its owners. Unfortunately it now looks so lifeless. Perhaps the state shoud lease it out as a B&B or conference center. Public viewing could then be scheduled on certain dates.

  5. Beautiful home and painting.
    Reminds me of the time my boyfriend and I were driving in the country and passed a big beautiful barn. I remarked, "Oh, I wish I could paint that." because I'm a wannabe artist. He said, "Well, I'm sure you could, but you'd need a mighty big brush."
    I married the smart aleck anyway.

  6. D - That is funny! I always do that though. I wish I knew an artist. I am always finding good country scenes to paint.

    Joe - They do allow tours of it. It has been kept pretty much in it's original state. I think that would be a good google map project. Go ahead and put my house on it. Might raise the value. Harhar.

  7. Joan if you could somehow convince me that George sleep there I may. Love your blog.


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