28 June 2009

Wandering Minstrel Band

Canon St., Charleston, SC

I came up behind this merry band as I walked to Piggly Wiggly for pancake blueberries this morning and heard one of them say, "what if we were just a wandering band, playing music where ever we went...?" and I thought, "You are! You do!"


  1. Here I had English Muffins, fresh fruit and sausage patties, while somehwhere, someone was enjoying blueberry pancakes. Life is just not fair.

  2. They look like a happy bunch of people!

  3. Music wherever they go, just the songs they want to hear and without batteries!

  4. Love this shot Joan, such joy! (and that's not a bad looking building either.)

  5. What did they sound like?

  6. Frank: English Muffins, fruit and sausage sounds pretty good to me!

    Steffe: They really did look like they were having fun.

    Doug: I wish I could play an instrument.

    Jarart: Thanks! We do have some good old Firehouses.

    Jacob: They were just playing happy music. I asked what the name of their group was and they said "Pan". Perhaps they will stop by here and tell us more.

  7. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Too cool. Thanks for sharing the bright uplifting moment. And,they will have music where ever they go. Sally

  8. A name for the group? How about 'Barefoot and the Flip-Flops'?


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