27 June 2009

Checking out the Tall Ships up close!

Harborfest Charleston, Charleston, SC

Between Philip Simmon's Funeral and Harborfest Charleston, things were pretty chaotic on the peninsula this morning.

I didn't have time to make it worth standing in line for a ticket so I snooped around the outskirts to see what I could see and happened to be there while the air show was going on. The little plane was performing incredible stunts in between the tall ships. It was quite a sight.


  1. Gosh, I almost missed the plane among all those ropes. Great capture, Joan! But I think I still like your post yesterday better ;)

  2. Bear's birthday is July 9, and I am SO TOTALLY STOKED that I'm getting him all three "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies... these recent posts have put me completely in the mood (especially that last one, AHEM)

  3. Amazing shot! I'm in love with your blog! I look forward to my posts that show up in Reader! Thanks so much for showcasing Charleston as you do!

  4. Marcheline: Yes, indeedie! I told him I have to take his picture each year.

    de: How nice that is to hear! Thank you.

  5. Anonymous11:00 AM

    We were watching that air show from the harbor on by brother-in-law's boat!



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