28 June 2009

I Love this Bar/Church

Yanks Pub, Hwy 78, Summerville, SC

The "We Love this Bar" sign on Yank's Pub on Hwy 78 always makes me smile. I've never been inside but for some reason I believe the sign and imagine that it has a group of regulars that love the tiny place. It's one of the little things that make me happy on that stretch of road.

Apparently I'm not the only one! Today I noticed that the Revival Center church just down the road copied the format. It seems they "Love this Church."


  1. Perhaps, if they could combine they two places...

  2. Wonder if 'everybody knows your name' at both places?

  3. B Squered - That never seems to work, does it?

    Halcyon :)

    D: I bet they do! Did you look at the album from the bar link? Looks like some regulars.


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