29 June 2009

Color me Lucky

Tall Ships, Harborfest Charleston, SC

I won't be the only one to post these shots but I may have been the happiest person in the harbor to have had the chance to be out on the water and take them. Aren't the tall ships glorious?

I got home from work in time to get on this yacht and out into the harbor to watch the tall ships leave Charleston with a glass of wine in one hand and my camera in the other. I can't think of a finer way to end the day. I took a zillion shots of course, ending in a dramatic downpour at the Ashley Marina as we docked.

Thanks to my friend Andre' for including me and Captain Matt Galvin of Coastal Yacht Charters. Picture me blowing kisses! I am feeling very lucky this evening.

Pam has gone to the trouble of naming all the ships.


  1. Wow - that looks like a fantastic experience.

  2. KIT - How nice to hear from you! It was a fantastic experience.

  3. When the subject is this good the photographs really show it. Wonderful. Great weather too. You're so lucky to have had a front show seat. The boat you were on looks really nice. Love the covered stern area. Perfect viewing/wine deck.

  4. Anonymous10:57 AM


    What incredible pictures! Thank you so much for sharing your exciting life!
    Cheryll Woods-Flowers

  5. How lucky can one person get??!!! Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Very nice. I love those ships.

  7. Hey Joan - looks like you had a great view of the event! It was hot on land - and it made me wish I had a good telephoto. But boy - those ships are just magnificent - and I loved your photos.

  8. Oh - I meant to ask: did you go to Dan's on Saturday night? I was hoping to see you there - I didn't arrive until after 9 pm.

  9. Frank - The Yacht was amazing. I assume it is chartered out, so if you win the lottery you can throw a party for us all.

    Pam - I did! I went early and then it was getting so bad I scooted thinking I might not be able to get home. The intersection there flooded early. I am sorry I missed you. Had a nice time but left before some folks got there.

    Halcyon - Thanks. Me too.

    Cheryl - Thank you! And thank you for letting me know it was you. We live in a grand place don't we?

  10. Oh you are a lucky duck!! I am SO limited on photo ops out here in the sticks! Im green jelly!


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