03 October 2019

State St. sweet spot

27 State St., Charleston, SC 
Uhoh. I've been letting the blog slip. Sorry folks. It's been a busy stretch. I've helped open a new hospital, participated in a Lip Sync Battle fundraiser (yep. me on stage. scary), and been to Columbia for the Governor's Volunteer Awards. It's all good stuff but hopefully things will settle down a little.

It is still endlessly hot and dry in Charleston with most days in the 90s. I am so ready for a little cool air.

This is one of my favorite sweet spots and I always seem to stop to admire it and grab a shot.

Hope you are all doing well. 


JudithK said...

The sentence that begins, "it's still endlessly hot and dry" could apply here as well in Texas. No matter where I go or who I see, that's the sentiment. Ah well, maybe relief is in sight for here next week. Hope that happens in your parts as well. Leaves are falling from the trees out of pure exhaustion. Hard to imagine Charleston in a drought.

Catalyst said...

Take care of yourself, Joan.