30 September 2017

An egg in the hand is worth two in the pan

Fresh farmer's market eggs, Charleston, SC    
Oh noooooo, half of my precious weekend has already slipped away. I read that there was a new Farmer's Market open on upper King St. where the new Workshop restaurant is and since I wanted to check it out anyway I went to market this morning. There was a long stretch of vendors set up and lots of cheerful activity and children running about. I bought fresh eggs and as the farmer was packing them up I noticed the size of the eggs on display. Huge! There were chicken eggs but must have been at least double yolks.

It was a lovely space and market and plenty of parking. So nice in fact I hope to go back tomorrow to eat at the Workshop.
Pacific & Crate Farmer's Market: The Upper King multi-use space is entering the farmers market game beginning Sat. Sept. 30 and running through November. According to a press release, the new event is the work of Michael Shemtov's Butcher & Bee team. Shemtov owns and operates Pacific Box & Crate's food court, Workshop and the farmers market is all a part of his brand's "commitment to working with 'Honest to Goodness' local purveyors." 
The Saturday market will run 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and include Lowland Farms, Spade & Clover, Green Grocer, Storey Farms, Dalai Sofia Kombucha, Counter Cheese Caves, Butcher & Bee, Tarvin Seafood, Lowcountry Flower Growers to get things started.

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