20 July 2017

Church Photos in Lieu of Attendance - McClellanville, SC

McClellanville United Methodist Church
Not everyone goes to church on a Thursday afternoon but tag along with me as we admire the churches of McClellanville, SC. We had an official escort after meeting the new Methodist pastor Reverend Tim Saucy who had the keys to let us snoop around after enjoying a bowl of crab chowder at TW Graham & Co. restaurant.

We started with one of his new churches, the historic McClellanville United Methodist Church in the center of the little coastal village. A black cat welcomed us, the lady doing the cleaning knew the church history and the hurricane Hugo high water mark plaque on the wall was terrifying.

The children of McClellanville have had free use of all the churches for Vacation Bible School week so we also walked over to visit the beautiful Episcopal Chapel of Ease.

Our final stop was down Highway 45 to the tiny little Wrens Chapel another Methodist church. I believe my immediate family would fill it up. It was built in 1865 to replace an even older church burnt during the war between the states.

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William Kendall said...

Each have their appeal!