16 July 2017

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance - Brick Church at Wambaw

Brick Church at Wambaw, St. James Santee Parish
The chapel is set in a peaceful pine tree forest. The last time I was there was in the evening with all the windows open, listening to the talented gentlemen from the Charlestones group sing to me. I had reminded myself then to come back in the daylight for pictures and was grateful for gentle light yesterday. It is a tricky spot to photograph in bright glaring sun. The church was built in 1768 and you feel immersed in history on the property.
About the Brick Church at WambawAlthough Wambaw Church stands alone on the old King’s Highway among the pines and oaks of the forest, it was once the center of a busy and prosperous community.  North and south along the Santee River were rice plantations whose Carolina rice became famous all over the world and the prosperity of the planters is reflected in the beauty and proportions of Wambaw Church.  The body of the church was built of brick imported from England, but the columns of   the portico were constructed of local wedge-shaped bricks.  The pews were made of hand-pegged cypress, the flagstone floor has withstood the  ravages of two wars and the vaulted ceiling still retains the original plaster work. 


Joan said...

I so enjoy your church travels and pictures!

William Kendall said...

It's quite distinctive, Joan!