19 February 2017

Will it build good will and better friendships?

Marion Square, Charleston, SC   
It was a shock to walk down King St. and see the red of the Confederate flag flying high over King St. It has become such a symbol of a painful past that it was a relief in recent years to have had it removed from our statehouse property.

We haven't seen the last of it yet and today folks from out of town placed it high on top of their vehicles and parked on the top deck of our public parking building. Protesters were already on site as crowds are thronged at the Southeastern Wildlife Festival at Marion Square wondering what is going on. Hopefully it will be resolved peacefully and soon.

It was the writing on the fountain sponsored by the Rotary Club that caught my eye, "Will it build good will and better friendship?" No. No, it won't.


Catalyst said...

In the words of their leader - Sad.

William Kendall said...

It would seem that the election of that... man has only emboldened some of the worst elements of society.

Even putting aside the fact that the flag was present and accounted for during lynchings (which they'll just shrug about), why on earth would you want to hold onto a flag that symbolizes treason and defeat? It should be left to museums and Civil War re-enactments.