20 February 2017

East Bay beauty

635 East Bay St., Charleston, SC    
Walking a different route gives a fresh look at buildings frequently passed in a car but which I've never had a chance to look at. This impressive home - now office space on East Bay was a tricky one to get a shot of because of the high fence and rushing traffic. I survived. What a beauty! Googling the address brought up an older photo of the Faber-Ward mansion on Pinterest

And more information on this site: Palmetto & Cannon

This stately house and compound was built ca. 1832 by one Henry F. Faber. 
Joshua Ward, a wealthy and famous rice planter and SC's Lieutenant Governor, purchased the house from Faber. 
The Faber-Ward house was converted into a hotel for emancipated slaves when the Union troops occupied Charleston during the War of Southern Secession. The hotel failed and the house again became a private residence.  Today the house has been converted to professional office use.


Catalyst said...

Wow, a great southern mansion!

William Kendall said...


Lowandslow said...

And it's only gotten better with age. Nice!