27 January 2017

Happy Friday!

King St., Charleston, SC    
Happy Friday, kids! I am ready for it. I've been very busy lately and am happy to welcome the weekend. I spotted Pee Wee on King St. with posters promoting the Comedy Festival. Things have been too stressful lately. Let's do something fun this weekend. 


William Kendall said...

I always found him rather creepy!

Anonymous said...

I have heard interviews regarding the Playouse show and how inventive it was. I suppose creative types are very sensitive and fragile personalities. It is like the HGTV people say ( Searching for TV hosts) about the TV it sucks your energy and one has to be running on all pistions and going full bore-- It take a special person to departmentalize that aspect of a Being. His character is recognition factor high and is one for the TV Broadcasting Entertainment history books. The Puppet Guru Wayne White and the Puppet workshops of the 70s is another chapter.

Charlestonjoan said...

He was certainly very original and that isn't easy.