28 January 2017

Day tripping - Hopsewee Plantation

Hopsewee Plantation, SC   
A perfect day trip up the coast from Charleston, the historic rice plantation property of Hopsewee Plantation has a tea room serving a tasty lunch or afternoon tea. I'd enjoyed the tea room before but for the first time paid the fee and took the house tour.

The owners live in the home so it has a warm and friendlier feeling than most historic home tours. The owners are active participants in the running of the property and restaurant. We had an informative tour and were allowed to explore the basement and attic although I wasn't able to take pictures inside the building.
Hopsewee Plantation: Built circa 1740, some 40 years before the American Revolutionary War, Hopsewee Plantation was one of the South's major rice plantations and the birthplace of Thomas Lynch, Jr., one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

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